VW Highlightfilm – Konzernabend Paris


Nine top brands. 10 world premieres. 5000 guests. 60m screen. 45min show, packed with film and animation. Fog, lights, rain and fire effects.

The event of the Volkswagen Group on the occasion of the Paris Motorshow in 2010 can be called “epic” for many reasons. We were in charge of most of the graphic content shown at this premium event. The approx. 60m wide LED-Screen with its more than 4000 pixel large resolution was an exciting challenge. For eight of the presented brands we created the complete performances from start to finish, giving each brand its own distinct visual environment.

Main focus of every presentation were the world premieres, like that of the Lamborghini “Sesto elemento,” the Bugatti “Veyron V2″ or the Audi “Quattro Conceptcar.” This summary features highlights of the presented films and stage performance for the cars, plus some impressions of the speeches given by the brand executives.